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Park Rentals

Bayfront Festival Park is available for special event rentals beginning May 1 through mid-September each year.  Events are scheduled for three separate areas of Bayfront depending on the size of the event. Click here for map. Descriptions of each area are below.

  1. Bayfront Family Center is the building at the front entrance to the park that is used as the warming shack during ice skating season. It is available for family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, etc.  This rental includes only this building – no other park properties.

  2. Bayfront Park Plaza consists of the Railroad Street side of the park up to the end of the wide brick walkway (before the grassy area in front of the music pavilion and stage).   This includes the paved vendor area.

  3. Bayfront Festival Park includes the entire Bayfront Festival Park grounds, including the Family Center building, Bayfront Park Plaza and the Lois Paulucci Music Pavilion and is used primarily for large music festivals.

To inquire about rates and available dates, please contact Winterfell Management.

*Please note – the entire park, including the Family Center, Park Plaza and Music Pavilion are not available for rentals from mid-September through April.

Bayfront Event Rental Information

Bayfront Rent & Fee Schedule 2024 [Download PDF]

Bayfront Rental Application [Download PDF]

Bayfront Usage Guidelines [Download PDF]

City of Duluth Electrical Requirements [Download PDF]

Bayfront Festival Parks Maps and Diagrams

Bayfront Diagram [Download PDF]

Bayfront Diagram with Dimensions [Download PDF]

Bayfront Aerial View/Approved Tent Areas [Download PDF]

Bayfront Rigging [Download PDF]

Bayfront Rigging Photos [Download PDF 5mb]

Bayfront Pavilion Stage Diagram 1 [Download PDF]

Bayfront Pavilion Stage Diagram2 [Download PDF]

Bayfront Backstage Power Layout [Download PDF]

Bayfront Vendor Power and Water Diagram [Download PDF]

Parking Lots at Bayfront

The parking lots are operated separately from Bayfront Festival Park. The parking lots are not included with any park rentals. Daily parking rates of $10-15 per vehicle may be charged at the Bayfront Parking lots. Additional parking information is available here.

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